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Nurona Bizness: TV Show on Finance, Business to be Launched in Ethiopia

New Television show to enhance Ethiopians finance and business literacy is to begin soon, according to Capital.

The new TV show’s title is “Nurona Bizness,” literally translated as “Life and Business,” and it will be aired in Amharic on Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate’s main channel EBC 1.

The show is part of EBC’s new programming conducted in partnership with Abega Management, producer of the Show to provide the audience with content and alternatives.

Abega Management has finalized preparations to start the first airing of the show on November 27, 2015.



Concerning content selection and production of the show, Yebegashet Alemayehu, Manager of Abega Management, has over 20 years of experience in media and financial management in Ethiopia and overseas.

The show will be instrumental in equipping Ethiopians to make better financial decisions, appreciate their right and responsibilities as customers and understand and manage risk, Yebegashet said. He also said the show will provide elements for job hunters on the challenges and ways of getting financially profitable and personally satisfying jobs.

The 40 minutes show is scheduled to be aired every Friday after 10 PM news on EBC 1.

Source: Capital

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