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  • 05:29 Popular Teddy Afro - Meret Simeta

    Teddy Afro - Meret Simeta

    by Hagusta Added 343 Views

    Teddy Afro - Meret Simeta ቴዲ አፍሮ - መሬት ሲመታ'' This song is dedicated to Waliyas , Subscribe and like more lyrics musics videos are coming.

  • 07:42 Popular Jacky Gosee Yene Akal

    Jacky Gosee Yene Akal

    by ShireTube Added 468 Views

    Jacky Gosee Yene Akal Ethiopian Music

  • 06:07 Popular Netsanet Melesse 'Liben' Official Music Video [HD]

    Netsanet Melesse 'Liben' Official Music Video [HD]

    by Hagusta Added 293 Views

    The first music video from her latest album 'Liben'.

  • 04:30 Popular Yakoral Woy  by Miki Niguse

    Yakoral Woy by Miki Niguse

    by ShireTube Added 373 Views

    Yakoral Woy by Mikias(Miki) nigussie (Miki lala)Arrangement- Tamiru AmareLyrics and Melody - Efrem AbebeDirector- Mikias Nigussie and Efrem AbebeCamera & Editing- Biniam John Choreography- Abraham AyalewProduction Manager- Million Shurube

  • 06:08 Popular  Kasahun Taye - Yeagew Lije

    Kasahun Taye - Yeagew Lije

    by Hagusta Added 246 Views

    Ethiopian Music - Kasahun Taye - Yeagew Lege (Official Music Video) Are You Tired of Watching Copied/Unoriginal Ethiopian Music Videos

  • 05:33 Popular Na Belegn_e_Na

    Na Belegn_e_Na

    by Hagusta Added 229 Views

    this is an Ethiopian music which tells us about the story of an illegal immigrants residing out of Ethiopia. the singer is also known before a song called DIASPORA at the time of the last Ethiopian Millinium before two years.Alex Olompia Diaspora (God ble

  • 05:07 Popular Mesfin Bekele- Eshururu (Official Video)

    Mesfin Bekele- Eshururu (Official Video)

    by ShireTube Added 684 Views

    Mesfin Bekele - Eshururu

  • 04:50 Popular Hayleyesus Feyssa - Salaysh

    Hayleyesus Feyssa - Salaysh

    by ShireTube Added 287 Views

    New best Ethiopian music, new hot Ethiopian music for more music www.ShireTube.com

  • 04:43 Popular Kuku Sebsibe feat. Teddy Afro Yebereha Hager

    Kuku Sebsibe feat. Teddy Afro Yebereha Hager

    by ShireTube Added 273 Views

    Best of Kuku Sebsebe Music http://www.ShireTube.com/

  • 04:08 Popular Best of Tilahun Gessesse  by Helen Tilahun Gessesse

    Best of Tilahun Gessesse by Helen Tilahun Gessesse

    by ShireTube Added 238 Views

    Tilahun Gessesse best Ethiopian music ever Best of Tilahun Gessesse song for more music visit http://www.addisclub.com/entertainment.html

  • 05:20 Popular sela bey jacky gosee

    sela bey jacky gosee

    by ShireTube Added 293 Views